International Orienteer

Running and navigating round forests, mountains and cities since 1989. Competing for GB since 2007. More info on my results and training.

Diverse Forests

Creating productive, biodiverse and fun forests! We’ve bought our first piece of land and will be sharing our journey of creating the forest. Follow our journey.


Creating orienteering maps of forests, urban areas, parks, schools, outdoor centres and moorland since 2005.

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Coast and Islands

Orienteering week along the North West Coast of Scotland in July. Ever since I cycled this coast in 2017 I wanted to put some orienteering on here. Amazing place which orienteering has hardly ever touched. Hopefully 2021 is just the beginning!

For more info check out the website.

Orienteering Unlocked

Started life as Lockdown Orienteering in April 2020 during the first wave of Covid19 in Europe to provide some fun whilst no real orienteering took place. 2000 people had a go during 2020!

Once the main lockdown was over it morphed into Orienteering Unlocked and now provides occasional virtual competitions. Head over to the website to check out the competitions and have a go at some of the challenges. 

Also put together this list of virtual orienteering games from across the world.

Orienteering Development

Worked with Forth Valley Orienteers from 2017-2021 to increase membership and participation. From 2017-2020 we went from 140 to 220 members and from 20 to 45 events a year.

Masterplan Adventure

Founder member of the orienteering club which is focused on providing high quality orienteering events including Sprint Scotland and Scottish Spring.

For more info check out the website or facebook page.

Previous Projects