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Lockdown Orienteering – A combination of the games and challenges below to find the best virtual orienteers (I organise it).

Making Maps

OpenOrienteeringMap  – Make a map in 5 mins of the area around your home!

Zoom into your location then click on the map to create a print area. You can select the scale and paper size in the top left. In the UK you can load postboxes onto the map as control sites (also top left). To add control circles manually just click on the map where you want to put a control and a info box will appear. To save a PDF you can print, go to the right hand side of the screen, add a title and description then select the ‘Save and get map pdf.

PS – This is linked to UK version, there are other country/global versions which you can select in top left.

PSS – OpenOrienteeringMap is based on OpenStreetMap which is a crowd sourced map, you can edit it by signing up to an account on the OpenStreetMap site.

Open Orienteering Mapper – Free program for creating orienteering maps. Why not have a go at making a map of your home?

Orienteering Computer Games

VirutalO – The newest orienteering computer game. Released in 2016 and last update in 2019.

Catching Features – The original orienteering computer game. More maps than VirtualO but old school graphics. Also ability to convert OCAD maps into maps you can play on. Free demo available

Route Choice Challenges

Running Wild – Routechoice game, draw where you would run under a time pressure. Compare yourself with others at the end.

WorldofO Daily Routes – The home of international orienteering news provides a daily interesting orienteering leg from somewhere in the world.

Route Choice Game – Admit I am slightly addicted to this game. You just need to decide if right or left is faster. If you think left is faster click ‘1’ on your keyboard if right ‘3’ and to get the next route ‘r’.

Route Memory – For ski orienteering but good memory game.


Virtual Orienteering in Italy  – You have a map with controls, then there is a series of questions. You have to navigate with google maps/streetview to find the answers. Use Chrome browser to translate to English.

Virtual Orienteering in Derbyshire (UK) – Similar to above

Homemade Orienteering – Competition based on creating a map or your home.

UK Elite League Mapping Competition – For first time mappers!

Scottish Catching Features League – Every Saturday at 3pm

Orienteering Games and Puzzles

Description Game – Good (fun!?) way to get up to speed with your descriptions. (And here is a handy list of Descriptions ). Certainly useful for when we get back in the forest/park/town.

Map Memory Game – Find the matching pairs

Printable Memory Game – from the organisers of World Champs 2021

Maze Game – Very hard!

SOA Daily Puzzle –  new puzzle every day

Bilbo’s Jigsaws – Strangely addictive

DVOA (US) O Puzzles

French Orienteering Home Training

Trail Orienteering

Trail Orienteering – actually this is been one of the more interesting things I’ve tried in the last 2 weeks! To start click one of the British Flags next to the competition name, then select ‘Load’ and finally ‘Start Slow’ (unless you want to jump in the deep end and click fast…). In brief you’ll see 5 control flags in the photo, A on the left through to F on the right. You have small map segment with one control circle and a description for the control. You need to decide which flag matches the circle on the map. Click the letter, unless you don’t believe any kites show the position of the control circle in which case select Z. Tip: check the orientation of the map!


Routegadget – Click on random clubs and have a look at their previous events and decide which way you would go! Then turn on the routes of people who ran the courses and check out their splits.

Better Orienteering – Helping to improve your orienteering performances.

O’Traîneur – Training exercise ideas, maybe get some of maps close to home you can do try these exercises on (depending of course on your countries physical exercises restrictions). In French, if needed use Google Translate.

Other Places With Inspiration For These Times

Orienteering UK Facebook

Corona Orienteering United – Facebook group for sharing ideas whilst we’re stuck with limited orienteering…

British Orienteering Article


If you use Chrome Browser you can right click on a webpage and translate to English (or whichever language you like).

Last Updated: 20th October 2020